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My Heart:


Here at Annie’s Artistry, I have always had the desire to capture affordable and memorable images of families or individuals from all walks of life. 

Photography for me is not just a business but an opportunity to bless people with photos that will remain cherished, for the rest of their lives. I endeavour to make the experience one that each client will never forget: effortless and fun! 

However, we live in a world where times are tough. Poverty is real and of course the aftermath of Covid and numerous lock downs have left many in hardship. My heart has ALWAYS leaned towards blessing others, and I now get to do this by offering something as little and simple as a photography session. 

I love seeing the joy it can bring to a family who needs some spark put back into their lives. In a world like this, FAMILY is the only thing that matters and it’s important that we cling on to each other. 

So here I am, wanting to PARTNER with YOU as my client. I would like to give you the opportunity to give back to the community and to those who need a blessing. 


How it works: 


• When you choose to book a session with us, you have the opportunity to nominate a family you think are deserving of a session (who may not be able to afford one of their own). The family will be contacted anonymously and will arrange a time and location for a mini session. 

You can nominate a family you feel will benefit from a ‘Pay it Forward’ session 

• Once a month we will draw a name from our ‘Pay it Forward’ pool to receive a free mini session 

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