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How long until we receive our photos?

Your photos will be sent via an online programme within 1-6 weeks. 

Do you travel outside of Hawkes Bay for sessions?

Yes, of corse I do!

Can we include Grandparents?​

Yes! I absolutely recommend generational photos! Time with loved ones is most precious! My session fees allows up to 6 people, if you have extra please disclose prior to session as extra fees may apply.

You can also bring along the dog (in fact, I encourage it!!

When & where are the sessions?

Outdoor sessions take place around sunset at that special time we call "golden hour". If you have young children we recommend locations fully shaded so that we can schedule at a time that works for your family (if sunset is too late). Locations can be anywhere within a 30km radius of Hawkes Bay. If the location you desire is further than that, a travel fee may be charged (to be discussed before booking). 

What if on the day, it looks like it will rain?

I will call/ contact you the day of, your session to do a "weather check".  Should You or I feel as though the weather is unfavourable, the session will be rebooked (within a reasonable amount of time for both client and photographer). 

What should we wear?

I want you as the client to feel beautiful and comfortable. I cannot tell you what to wear or what not to wear. However, we do recommend neutral colours, earthy tones or pastels. Especially when your shoot is out in nature! We discourage loud sportswear, wild patterns and large logos. As a group I recommend clothing that compliments (not totally matching), keeping in mind that there is a thing ‘too much black’. Please contact us if you are stuck for ideas and I can try help.

What if we need to postpone?


I understand that life throws us all curve balls, but if you need to need to postpone please give me as much notice as possible (48hours preferably). I will them aim to reschedule your session asap, however availability doesn’t always allow for this.  If you session was part of a promotion, and you are not available for rescheduling that month fees may apply. 

How do we get our photos?


I'll send out an email with a link to an online gallery. You will have 7 days to download the images (this is your responsibility) before the images get removed. You will then notify me of the images you would like printed (as per package chosen). When the images are ready for collection I will notify the client, and they will pick up their images and USB from my house. 

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